How to Defi

Learn how to buy and invest in cryptocurrencies and defi in the 2023 market.

Educate yourself so you can capitalize on the next crypto bull market.


What are Cryptocurrencies? Why is everyone talking about Bitcoin and Ethereum all of a sudden? Defi / Decentralized Finance…what does that even mean? How do I use an exchange like Coinbase?

If you or your friends find your selves asking any of the above questions, then bookmark this site! I’m Crypto Gary I’ve been buying cryptocurrencies and learning about blockchain since 2017 and want to share my experiences with you to help you get started. Head on over to the Articles section for all of the posts and content. This is an active work in progress as we’re heading into the start of 2023, so expect many updates upcoming!

Starter Guide

If you don’t know where to begin, here’s a few places to start:

  1. Top crypto tools that you’ll need to be successful
  2. Tax Software to file your 2022 taxes
  3. Passive income strategies with crypto

Swaps on Uniswap

Use a decentralized exchange to swap ETH based tokens

Trade on Coinbase Pro

Buy your favorite coins on the main US based exchange.

Chart on Tradingview

Do your own technical analysis on crypto charts to find the best entry and exit points.


The Crypto market in the past couple years went through a few mini bull and mini bear cycles, and many people are in the opinion (including myself), that we have a parabolic move to the upside incoming. Now is as good of a time as any to educate yourself and create a plan for yourself for the near future.

[January 24, 2023 Update] After a fairly slow 2022, we have recently seen an uptrend in both BTC and ETH. The economy right now is at a questionable state with many of the large Tech companies doing layoffs. Google just announced 12k layoffs last week. It is to be seen if we are on the cusp of another bull market, and now is as good a time as ever to learn about cryptocurrency investing. I’ve been averaging in over the past year slowly and have been waiting for some action.

Thanks for reading!

How do I get started with Cryptocurrency?

Convert USD to crypto. Buy your first crypto currency. Transfer money into an exchange. Learn all of this and more!

Exchanges – Centralized vs Decentralized

What is a centralized exchange? What is a decentralized exchange? How to you transfer funds between the two?

Holding Crypto in your own Wallet

What is the best Crypto wallet? What does not your keys, not your crypto mean? How to use a Hardware wallet?

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