Learn how to buy and invest in cryptocurrencies and defi in the 2022 market.


What are Cryptocurrencies? Why is everyone talking about Bitcoin and Ethereum all of a sudden? Defi / Decentralized Finance…what does that even mean? How do I use an exchange like Coinbase?

If you or your friends find your selves asking any of the above questions, then bookmark this site! I’m Crypto Gary I’ve been buying cryptocurrencies and learning about blockchain since 2017 and want to share my experiences with you to help you get started. Head on over to the Articles section for all of the posts and content. This is an active work in progress as we’re heading into the end of 2021, so expect many updates upcoming!

Beginners Guide

If you don’t know where to begin, here’s a few places to start:

  1. How to begin investing in Cryptocurrency in 2021
  2. The best crypto tools and websites to use
  3. Full process on how to buy any crypto

High potential altcoins

For those of you that have graduated past $ETH and BTC, here are some altcoin Gems that I’m currently investing in:

  • $UFO – Metaverse Gaming token that’s had a big run
  • $SOUL / $KCAL – Phantasma, the first Smart NFT Chain
  • $HIFI – Play2Earn BSC platform
  • $BITD – NFT/Gaming token related to $DOGE


The Crypto market in 2021 went through a few mini bull and mini bear cycles, and many people are in the opinion (including myself), that we have a parabolic move to the upside incoming. Now is as good of a time as any to educate yourself and create a plan for yourself for the near future.

[February 3, 2022 Update] We’ve been in a downtrend since around Thanksgiving last November and people are starting to become fearful. We’ve lost almost 50% from the high on BTC and it’s really anyone’s guess where we go from here. Me personally, I’ve taken some profits on the way up to buy other assets and investments and I’m currently only invested with profit. I’ve sold out my initials and am waiting. I continue to take profits even at the current levels because I’m not sure what’s going to happen. I’m currently about 35% in USDT and waiting.

[November 29, 2021 Update] ETH and BTC have been bleeding a little value over the past month, but Metaverse and Gaming altcoins have been doing very well. Omicron was recently identified and today it was announced that it’s not as dangerous as initially feared.

[October 2021 Update] BTC has just surpassed its ATH (all time high) and the excitement is building! Get in now and catch the next big upswing in the market.

Thanks for reading!

How do I get started with Cryptocurrency?

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