How to buy $HIFI


$HIFI is a play to earn platform that is an up and comer. If you were too late on $AXS, this might be something to look into. They recently said on their twitter that this will be listed on Pancakeswap soon. Now’s a great time to enter before the listing. At the time of posting, the market cap is sitting at $13.5M. Axie Infinity is currently at $8.1B market cap, which is a 600x of $HIFI!!

Important $HIFI links:

Get funds onto Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Follow this guide to set up your Metamask to transact on BSC. Once your Metamask is properly set up, you can send $BNB to your wallet to start trading. BSC is like the $ETH network, but with $BNB as the underlying currency. It’s fast and cheaper in fees to trasnact on than the ETH network is.

How I got BNB into my BSC wallet, was:

  1. Sent $ETH from Coinbase Pro to Binance.US
  2. Traded $ETH for USD and then USD to $BNB on Binance.US
  3. And then sent the $BNB via the BSC network (BEP20) to my Metamask Wallet

Make the trade on ApeSwap

I use Poocoin as my main BSC chart explorer, and it links to the DEX that the coin that you want to trade is on. Right now $HIFI is only available through ApeSwap, so that’s where I purchased it.

Navigate to the coin by entering the contract in the search bar. Here is $HIFI’s contract address:


Next make sure the trade button at the top is clicked, and it will display a link to the ApeSwap trading page:

Then fill out the swap dialogue like on any DEX and make your swap!

Let’s get it!


What next?

Now that you’re a Hifiver, you can now start playing their game and earning more $HIFI! You must stake a minimum of 10,000 coins at their website here. I just staked some of mine so I’ll post a guide soon about how this all works.

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