How to use a VPN to access exchanges from any location

Sometimes you find yourself in a country that cannot access certain exchanges. It is possible to circumvent this if you use a VPN. You can chose which country you ip address will originate from. The added benefit is that you also get a layer of security because you are not browsing the internet with your own ip address and location.

Create an account with Mullvad VPN

The VPN that I currently use is Mullvad VPN. Head on over to their website to generate an account.

Once you generate the account, you’ll take your account number and enter it into your desktop or mobile app. After you do that you’ll have to pay for time.

The cost is $5 for 30 days. I find that if you pay on their website they charge you in Euros, but from the mobile app it’s in dollars. So you can save a little bit if you purchase time on the app

Secure your connection

Pull up the VPN app, click Secure your connection (default location is Sweden), and now you can safely trade on Kucoin, Binance, or any other Exchange that restricts location.

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