How to buy $BITD

TL:DR Want to combine NFTs, Gaming and the $DOGE hype? Enter 8 Bit Doge, $BITD. Currently sitting at just under $5M market cap, the sky is the limit. It’s also deflationary, burning 10% on each transaction, which results in some good tokenomics. One last positive is that there’s been a bit of sideways action lately… Continue reading How to buy $BITD

How to buy $HIFI

TL;DR $HIFI is a play to earn platform that is an up and comer. If you were too late on $AXS, this might be something to look into. They recently said on their twitter that this will be listed on Pancakeswap soon. Now’s a great time to enter before the listing. At the time of… Continue reading How to buy $HIFI